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              CEIBS Hosts 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala

              November 15, 2019. Shanghai – More than 1,000 alumni, students, faculty, staff and other guests joined members of the CEIBS management committee, including CEIBS President Li Mingjun, President (European) Dipak Jain, Vice President and Dean Ding Yuan and Vice President and Co-Dean Zhang Weijiong, at our Shanghai campus today for the CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala.
              In his opening speech, Prof. Li expressed a warm welcome and his sincere gratitude to all the officials and guests who attended the event, and highlighted some of CEIBS' important achievements over the past quarter century.

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              CEIBS at 25: Our Next Chapter

              November 15, 2019. Shanghai – Co-founded by the Chinese government and the European Union on November 8, 1994, CEIBS has grown into a world-renowned business school and a recognised role model of effective co-operation between China and the EU. For over a quarter of a century, CEIBS has evolved from introducing and interpreting classic management theory from the west, to shaping and sharing Chinese management expertise in an era of globalisation.


              China-EU Co-operation Highlighted at CEIBS 25th Anniversary

              November 15, 2019. Shanghai – Nicolas Chapuis, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to China, visited CEIBS on occasion of the school’s 25th anniversary to congratulate the school on its achievements over the past quarter century.
              In his address, Ambassador Chapuis said that, in 1994, the Chinese government and the EU made a forward-looking decision to establish a world-class business school in Shanghai and that, following 25 years of hard work, this goal has gradually become a reality.


              Support for National Strategy and Cultivation of Talent Highlighted at CEIBS 25th Anniversary

              On the occasion of CEIBS’ 25th anniversary, Yin Yicui, Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, and Yin Hong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, visited the school’s Shanghai campus on November 15 to extend their congratulations to CEIBS’ faculty, students, staff and alumni.
              In a speech at the event, Deputy Secretary Yin Hong pointed out that, over the past 25 years, CEIBS has made great efforts to improve the quality of school operations and continuously drive innovation.


              Economic Opportunities Take Centre Stage at China-France Investment Dialogue

              October 4, 2019. Paris – The CEIBS Insights 5th Europe Forum 2019 China-France Investment Dialogue, co-organised by CEIBS, the Committee of Exchanges Between France and China (CEFC) of CCI Paris Ile-de-France, and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France (CCICF), was held today at the H?tel Potocki in Paris on the theme of Consumption Upgrade: A New Opportunity for China-France Economic Co-operation.


              Sino-British Co-operation in Forefront at CEIBS London Forum

              October 03, 2019. London – Around 250 scholars, entrepreneurs and senior executives from China and the UK shared their views on new openings in the Chinese market for British firms, at the CEIBS Insights UK Forum in London.
              CEIBS leaders and professors also joined in the discussions at the event, entitled “China’s Consumption Upgrade: New Opportunities for UK.”
              The discussions took place against the backdrop of China’s ongoing evolution from “the factory of the world” to “the market of the world”, and the opportunities created by this transformation as the country’s population of 1.4 billion grows more affluent, and more aspirational.


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                Event Highlights

                Speeches from the CEIBS Insights 2019 Munich and Brussels Forums

                CEIBS President
                Li Mingjun

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                CHKD President and ICBC Frankfurt Branch General Manager Zheng Donglin

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                Commercial Minister-Counsellor for the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to Germany H.E. Weidong Wang

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                EFMD CEO and
                Director General
                Eric Cornuel

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                Speeches from the CEIBS Insights 2019 US Forum

                MIT Professor of Physics
                Max Tegmark

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                CEIBS Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Xiande Zhao

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                Northwestern University’s Director of CS Plus X Initiative Kristian J. Hammond

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                Speeches from CEIBS 25th Anniversary Launch

                CEIBS President
                Li Mingjun

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                CEIBS President (European)
                Dipak Jain

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                CEIBS Honorary Professor
                Wu Jinglian

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                Media Coverage

                Headline: Brussels Workshop Explores Challenges and Opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution
                The press release for the CEIBS Insights 2019 Brussels Forum on July 12 was picked up in the first 48 hours by 66 English, French and Dutch-language media outlets with a total potential audience of 9.6 million.
                Media: Equities | SME Magazine | China Briefing | Business Diary
                Headline: CEIBS and Credit Suisse Co-host Zurich Forum on Innovation
                The press release for the CEIBS Insights 2019 Zurich Forum on The Evolution of Innovation: A Comparison Between Switzerland and China was picked up by 117 media outlets with a potential audience of 63.2 million.
                Media: Australia Associated Press | Malaysia Global Business Forum | FinTech Magazine | Saigon Times
                Headline: Opportunities for Cooperation Highlighted at CEIBS China-Africa Forum
                The CEIBS China-Africa Forum 2019 embraced the theme of When China Meets Africa. Within the first 48 hours, the press release for the event was picked up by 45 finance, technology and other media outlets with a total potential reach of 7.6 million.
                Media: IANS | South Africa Tribune | One News Page | Central Charts
                Headline: Opportunities for Cooperation Explored at CEIBS Munich Forum
                The CEIBS Insights 2019 5th Europe Forum in Munich covered the topic of Fresh Impetus for China-Germany Cooperation: Consumption Upgrading and Technological Revolution. The forum’s press release was distributed by 48 media outlets with a total potential audience of 17.6 million.
                Media: Quamnet | Asia One | Markets Insider | Finanzen
                Headline: American, Chinese Execs and Scholars Discuss Digital Innovation at CEIBS US Forum
                The event press release, with CEIBS' message, was distributed to media via PR Newswire. The focus was on the US media. Within 48 hours, it was posted 187 times, for a potential audience of almost 86 million. It was carried by the influential Yahoo Finance, along with local affiliates of major US television networks NBC, ABC, etc.
                It was also picked up by media in Europe and Asia.
                Media: Yahoo! Finance | NBC | ABC
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